FAQ for a first time XXX wax

As beauty therapists we do a lot of XXX waxing on women, in fact it’s in our top 10 services, so it’s fair to say we are quite the experts in it with over 30 years combined experience in doing this service.  We find clients for their first time have a lot of questions to ask in regards to this particular waxing and here I will endeavor to clear up any misconceptions.

What is a Brazilian wax? Is it the same as a XXX?

In our salon yes it is the same thing, it simply means a full bikini wax, taking the whole lot, all of it, front and back. Gone!  Ouch!! We also do a XX which we interpret as leaving a small strip on top at the pubic bone but taking everything else.  It always pays to discuss with your therapist what your expectation is of your waxing and what you would like to keep and what you’d like gone.

What do I wear?

It is more comfortable to wear a G-string, one of your own or we do supply disposable ones if you prefer.

What does the treatment involve?

We leave you in the room alone to begin with to get yourself ready for the waxing, we supply you with a personal wipe and disposable underwear to place on and a modesty towel to place over you.  You lay on your back as if you were to receive a regular bikini wax and you are placed in the least confrontational position.

Does it hurt?

Waxing will always incur some pain, after all we are ripping hair out of the follicle of your private areas but it does get easier after the first time and if you keep up with regular 3 to 4 weekly appointments, this way the hair may become more sparse and easier to come out.

Can I have it done if I’m pregnant?

If you have been waxing before your pregnancy and if it is OK with your doctor then there is no reason why you can’t continue.  Just be aware that being pregnant will leave you more sensitive during your wax.

Can I have it done if I have my period?

This is up to you, but please arrive for your appointment squeaky clean and with a fresh tampon in.  Just also be aware that waxing at this time may be more painful.

How often should I get it done?

Most of our clients find having a wax about every 4 weeks is the perfect timing for the hair to again be at a length  that is perfect for waxing.  Of course this depends on each individual.

Do we do male XXX waxing?

Unfortunately we don’t, at the moment we just do females only.

Can I bring my partner or friend with me?

To be honest we prefer if you don’t, it can be quite distracting for the esthetician and yourself, we also find a friend can make an already nervous first timer even more nervous.




How To Best Prepare For Your Spray Tan

Whether you’re a first time spray tanner or a seasoned spray tanner, here’s some tips to help you get the most out of your spray tan.

  1. Exfoliate before your tan, either the day before or the morning of your tan.  There are numerous ways to exfoliate your skin, we recommend Sunescape Body Scrub or an exfoliating mitt which can be used in the shower to help slough off the dead skin cells enabling the skin to absorb the tanning solution more effectively and evenly.  Because spray tan solution reacts with the proteins in the outer, dead layer of our skin, this is the layer that we lose, so if we can start our tan with the freshest layer of skin possible its a win, win.
  2. Shaving should be done 24hrs before the spray tan and we do prefer waxing to be done 24 – 48hrs before tanning just to give the skin a chance to calm down and to minimize the risk of irritation.  Waxing should not be done after tanning as this will remove the tan.  Shaving also shortens the life of your tan.
  3. Bring lose and preferably dark clothing with you to put on after your tan to minimize staining of clothes. It’s also good to keep in mind that any tight fitting garments can remove the tan from the skin resulting in white patches, keep this in mind with footwear also, slip on shoes are preferable.  During your tan you can wear disposable briefs we supply for you or you can wear your own underwear, again dark in colour to avoid staining.  Jewellery should be removed and make-up removal is optional depending on whether you want your face sprayed or not.
  4. Avoid using perfumes, deodorant and moisturiser before tanning as this can act as a barrier to the tan.
  5. Have your hair tied up off your shoulders, and we do supply a cap you can wear, especially if you’re blonde to help protect the hair from possible staining.
  6. Avoid exercise after the tan as sweating will remove the tan from the skin.  Here’s your leave pass from dishes also after your tan, putting your hands in a sink of water will result in white hands and forearms.
  7. We do use Sunescape rapid tan, you will be able to shower 2 hrs after the tan, following your shower you will continue to develop in colour over the next 6 – 8 hours. If you prefer you can leave the tan on longer (I’ve slept in mine on numerous occasions) as this will not cause any problems with the tan.
  8. Avoiding long showers and extended time in spas and pools will help extend the life of your tan.  I also recommend when drying yourself you pat yourself dry rather than rubbing as this will help remove the tan.
  9. Using a body moisturizer after the tan is recommended to prolong the life of your tan, we recommend Sunescape Body Butter and Sunescape Gradual Tanner acts as a great tan extender and moisturizer all in one.
  10. Avoiding harsh soaps that contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate, we recommend Sunescape Hydrating Shower Gel.

Are Your Selfies Contributing To The Ageing of Your Skin

Recently I read an article in a trade magazine about a 26 year old blogger who takes 50 selfies a day for her blog and visited a dermatologist to find out whether this could be ageing to her skin.  I found this a really interesting question and was keen to learn the findings.  Her skin was being exposed to a high energy visible light (HEV) from the screen of her phone each time she took a selfie.  The doctor, a cosmetic dermatologist Simon Zokaie, believed that this was actually the case.  In looking at her skin closely he could see dark spots and a lot of damage beneath the suselfie_nrface of the skin believed to be caused by the light exposure.  There’s  a lot of evidence that visible light plays a role in the ageing of the skin and has been shown to increase the production of pigment in the skin leading to dark spots, and also break down the collagen in the skin which leads to wrinkles.  It can also create reactive oxygen species that damage the skin and cause premature ageing of the skin and in some cases skin cancers.  However there is no way to avoid visible light totally, but limiting time in front of your computers and mobile phones can certainly help.

Some doctors however believe that although visible light can cause some skin diseases there’s not enough evidence that visible light, even at high intensity, can contribute as much to premature skin ageing as much as UV light (sunlight) can.   UV light is  much more harmful to the skin than the light from computers and mobile devices but that’s not to say it’s not playing it’s part in damaging the skin.

Dermatologist Rebecca Kleinerman believes this is a difficult question, there’s so much mixed evidence in the literature for and against the contribution of visible light to skin ageing. Kleinerman says she would credit the blogger’s skin damage to UV light. But whether or not you’re concerned about the light from your phone, it’s always important to protect your skin with sunscreen.  And if you are really concerned about all your selfies contributing to the ageing of your skin, it’s a good idea to use serums specifically aimed at helping prevent dark spots.

Reference: APJ Aesthetics Practitioner Journals



Noosa Amsterdam and what it’s all about

I first came across Noosa Amsterdam on the popular television show Offspring starring Asher Keddie, her character Nina Proudman wore the Noosa Amsterdam Classic Shopper in one of the episodes and I was sold.  Think your classic Boho Style Nina!

Noosa chunks can be seen as souvenirs of yourself; elements that create the feeling of being memories of extensive travels and unique cultures and the people you have met.

Fair Trade is essential to the production of Noosa Chunks. Noosa Amsterdam strives to trade in a fair and sustainable way by offering the artist a stable income & suitable workspace close to their homes. Noosauntitled Amsterdam has created over 500 jobs in chunk manufacturing worldwide.

The current line of chunks is made out of natural materials like stone, wood, shells, bone and ceramic. Each chunk has its own origin, tell a unique story with the chunks on your leather belt, bag or bracelet.

How it works – you start with a base, a beautiful leather belt, bracelet or bag, customise them with the original chunks to create a personal look. The chunks are easily attachable and removable, enabling you to create innumerable variations.


Beautiful women have globally practiced the art of being warriors showing human courage. They are honourable, brave and fearless. Goddesses like Kali, Marishiten and Tohil symbolise the aspects of powerful warriors. They are the embodiment or protection and selflessness and successfully bring together the past and the present for a positive future.

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