Noosa Amsterdam and what it’s all about

I first came across Noosa Amsterdam on the popular television show Offspring starring Asher Keddie, her character Nina Proudman wore the Noosa Amsterdam Classic Shopper in one of the episodes and I was sold.  Think your classic Boho Style Nina!

Noosa chunks can be seen as souvenirs of yourself; elements that create the feeling of being memories of extensive travels and unique cultures and the people you have met.

Fair Trade is essential to the production of Noosa Chunks. Noosa Amsterdam strives to trade in a fair and sustainable way by offering the artist a stable income & suitable workspace close to their homes. Noosauntitled Amsterdam has created over 500 jobs in chunk manufacturing worldwide.

The current line of chunks is made out of natural materials like stone, wood, shells, bone and ceramic. Each chunk has its own origin, tell a unique story with the chunks on your leather belt, bag or bracelet.

How it works – you start with a base, a beautiful leather belt, bracelet or bag, customise them with the original chunks to create a personal look. The chunks are easily attachable and removable, enabling you to create innumerable variations.


Beautiful women have globally practiced the art of being warriors showing human courage. They are honourable, brave and fearless. Goddesses like Kali, Marishiten and Tohil symbolise the aspects of powerful warriors. They are the embodiment or protection and selflessness and successfully bring together the past and the present for a positive future.

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